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Alles komt goed - printed zine in box

Alles komt goed - printed zine in box

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The story

As my graduation project I made an animation film and a little zine about prestation pressure. Nowadays you read and see more and more in the news that, especially young people, suffer from a burn out. This burn out or sad thoughts are a result from pressure to perform which we feel because of the pressure of society, the pressure to succeed at school, the pressure of perfection on social media, the pressure of having a social life and so on. I also noticed this pressure in myself (and still do) and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming and you don't know how to deal with it.

In my film you see what the symptoms of performance pressure do to people. Perhaps you recognize something about yourself? It's good to express yourself and talk to others about your feelings.

The little zine I made together with the movie is packed in a little box to give to someone who needs it (or yourself). In the zine are some stills from my film and I tried to write a comforting little story about feelings. I don't think I can solve the problem, but I do think it's important to sometimes stop and reflect on your feelings. Maby this little zine can help you with that. <3

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